Certified ICD-10 Analyst

Certified ICD-10 Coding Analyst
The Certified ICD-10 Analyst training assesses the ability of the individual to execute their knowledge of medical coding and billing, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and GEMs apart from the accurate application of coding and billing guidelines. A Certified ICD-10 Analyst can perform accurate ICD-10 coding as well as perform dual (ICD-9 & ICD-10) coding of medical records. Because of its focus on the coding and billing side of medical operations, the Certified ICD-10 Analyst is a suited credential for novice coders/billers, people working in the paying domain, and billing company owners. This training package prepares you to work as a Certified Medical Coder / Biller and Certified ICD-10 Analyst with Internship.

Comprehensive ICD-10 Training with Certified ICD-10 Analyst Examination
Eligibility: Certified or Experienced Coders/Billers


ICD-10-CM Conventions
ICD-10-PCS Conventions
General Equivalence Mappings in detail
ICD-10 Tool-Online
ICD-10 Manuals-Soft copies
300 Medical records with dual coding
DRG Coding
ICD-10 Internship Certificate
Certified ICD-10 Analyst Examination-Online


Duration: 140 hours-Selfpaced-Online
Portal: E-Learning Management System
Username and Password will be emailed to student with study guide.
Books/Manuals: ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS-(Included)
Exam: Certification Exam Included
Mode of Exam: Online-Must score 80%.
Duration: 3 days from the date of login
Retake: One free retake is included