MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING With National Certification

As a Medical Biller/Coder you are responsible for reviewing the documentation the physicians have provided and assigning the correct diagnosis and procedure codes, entering the necessary information into the patient’s account and submitting the claims to the Insurance Companies. You are then responsible for tracking and receiving payment from the Insurance Companies and billing the patient when necessary. You will also be responsible for reviewing any denials and researching to make sure that the claim was submitted correctly the first time. If any necessary changes can be made, you are responsible for making the changes and following up with the Insurance Companies.

Basic computer knowledge is a must. Many offices use the Internet and are willing to provide you with their billing programs to install on your home computer allowing you to work from home.

Medical Billers and Coders are in high demand. Most offices and hospitals find it very difficult to find Medical Billers and Coders and when they do, they are willing to provide great pay and benefits. If you chose to work in the office or hospital, flexible schedules are also possible and they tend to be very accommodating.

As well as working in physician’s offices and hospitals, you can choose to work for Medical Billing Companies, Ambulance Companies and Nursing Homes.

If you complete the course with a satisfactory grade, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from both Medical Billing and Coding. In addition, upon full payment receipt, you will be given an option to take a national exam certification and will be issued a national certificate through AHIMA or AAPC.

Our instructors are professionals in the industry and can offer you the benefit of their knowledge and experience.


All applicants must be 18 years of age. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is also required and as indicated on the course curriculum requirement.


Self-Paced Online (correspondence) Courses provide a high degree of flexibility. You can set your own tempo, and chose which session you want to start.

You must be self-disciplined to pace yourself through the coursework and finish within the allotted time.
It is not necessary to be formally admitted to enroll in self-paced courses.

MOST STUDENTS require 6- 8 depending on how fast you can complete the course. You have 1 year to access your online course from the date of enrollment.



Fees and Payment: HAWAII MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING (HMBC) shall invoice the student for the applicable Enrollment Fees on day following enrollment; such invoice shall be due upon receipt. Payments for all ancillary materials shall be due upfront by student, prior to HMBC release or shipment of any Ancillary.

Refund/Termination: You may terminate the Enrollment Agreement in 14 business working days. If you do so, you must inform the school, not the instructor in writing. Termination will become effective upon receipt of the written notice. Refund will be based on notification week corresponding with your course assignments/week associated with start date of the program.

2. If you terminate within 14 days of enrollment, provided you have not commenced training, you will receive a refund of the money paid to the school, minus $450 for the course books and reference books, unless they are returned unused. THERE IS A $300.00 NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE! If no unused books are returned, the total subtracted from the refund will be $750.00. If all materials are returned, only the application fee will be subtracted.

3. If you terminate any time after 14 days, there will be NO REFUND. If you are paying a payment plan, the balance will be effective as agreed upon in writing, or 30 days to pay in full or sent to collections agency.

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