Get Certified

Why Get Certified?

With the mandatory transition of the healthcare industry’s current ICD-9 Coding System to the ICD-10, healthcare organizations and establishments, government agencies, and even clients are now making sure that they are hiring or working with the most competitive individuals who are skilled and knowledgeable for their ICD-10 implementation teams. Getting equipped with professional certifications offered by the Hawaii Medical Billing & Coding School gives individuals the qualifications needed to meet an industry-standard benchmark with the credibility of proficient and highly experienced professionals.


Market studies show that 65% of employers prefer to hire credentialed candidates
Holding an ICD-10 certification demonstrates your commitment towards quality
Being certified exhibits the skills and knowledge necessary for the implementation of the ICD-10 Coding System
It increases confidence through accomplishment of a recognized industry standard
It also increases your chance of earning more
Implementing a standard for hiring certified individuals provides means to evaluate workforce skills and create a training plan
Certification also serves as proof of the employee’s skills and knowledge necessary in carrying out work with competent and efficient results
It helps attain specific goals and objectives more successfully
It eliminates the unnecessary time and money wasted from incompetence